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20000 RPM 12" Cordless Weed Wacker with 3 Types Blades, 21V 3000mAh 3-in-1 Weed Eater Battery Powered with Detachable Wheels, Lightweight 130 cm Retractable Handle Lawn Mower for Lawn Garden Yard Work

20000 RPM 12" Cordless Weed Wacker with 3 Types Blades, 21V 3000mAh 3-in-1 Weed Eater Battery Powered with Detachable Wheels, Lightweight 130 cm Retractable Handle Lawn Mower for Lawn Garden Yard Work

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About this item

  • 🌿【Versatile Design】: Our cordless electric weed wacker doesn't just function as a lawn mower but seamlessly transforms into a trimmer and edger, Boasting three specialized blades—a robust saw blade for pruning, metal blades for tackling tough weeds, and precise plastic blades for grass mowing—From gardens and lawns to road edges and trees, it adapts effortlessly to diverse landscaping challenges.
  • 🌿【Long-lasting Battery】: Our electric weed eater powered by a robust 21V 3000mAh battery, enjoy an extended 40-50 minutes of continuous runtime. With an 800W brushless motor, it reaches speeds of up to 20,000 RPM, ensuring efficient performance. This cutting-edge motor design not only ensures extended longevity but also enhances efficiency compared to traditional models.
  • 🌿【Lightweight, user-friendly, and low-noise】: Battery powered weed eater weighing only 3.5 pounds, it's suitable for users of all ages and genders. Crafted from high-quality ABS and metal materials, it's resistant and wear-resistant. Equipped with gloves and glasses for added protection, enjoy the joy of trimming with minimal noise, creating a delightful experience for your entire family.
  • 🌿【Adjustable bar & Detachable Wheels】: Adjustable pole length ranges from 88cm to 130cm to meet the needs of users of different heights. The unique triangular structure of the removable wheels enhances mobility and reduces hand fatigue. The battery level is monitored by the power display on the battery to ensure timely recharging, making it easy to cope with a variety of gardening tasks.
  • 🌿【Safety Design】: Our cordless weed wacker is equipped with a dual safety trigger design, requiring the simultaneous pressing of two safety buttons to start witch against accidental starts. The anti-collision bar protects working blades from potential damage caused by collisions. With a built-in grass stopper, our weed eater guarantees a tidy and secure mowing experience, preventing grass splashing and simplifying cleanup. Your safety is our top priorities.
  • 🌿【Deluxe Accessories】: The product includes 1*cordless mower; 1*Lithium battery; 1*charger; 1*screwdriver; 1*wrench; 1*goggles; 1*protective gloves; 1*tool storage bag; 1 auxiliary wheel; 1 user manual; 2*one word stainless steel blades; 1*8-inch saw discs; 1*plastic rope. Professional accessories for all your gardening and pruning needs. If you have any questions about product accessories or quality issues, please contact us, our customer service team will answer your questions within 24 hours
  • 🌿【Important Note】: To optimize your user experience, make sure to fully charge the battery before the initial use of the product. Proper installation of the blade and other accessories is essential. Before initiating weed wacker, ensure the nut holding the blade is securely tightened, and the entire machine is correctly assembled. We advise a thorough reading of the manual for precise guidance. If you face any installation challenges, contact our customer service team anytime for assistance.

Certainly! The lawnmower is designed for easy assembly, and our user manual provides clear instructions for a hassle-free setup.
Absolutely! With its sturdy construction and robust wheels, our lawnmower is well-equipped to handle uneven terrain.
How does the adjustable rod enhance the weeding experience?
The adjustable rod allows users to customize the lawnmower's height, catering to individuals of different statures and providing a personalized weeding experience.
Our lawnmower package includes essential accessories such as gloves, glasses, and additional blades, ensuring you have everything you need for a complete lawn care experience.
What safety measures should I take when using the lawnmower?
Always wear the provided gloves and glasses for protection. Additionally, carefully read and follow the safety guidelines outlined in the user manual.

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