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Electric Drill Plate Cutter- Electric Drill Shears for Cutting Flat Metal Sheets with a Thickness of 0.03 Inches or Less - Authentic Goods from The Source

Electric Drill Plate Cutter- Electric Drill Shears for Cutting Flat Metal Sheets with a Thickness of 0.03 Inches or Less - Authentic Goods from The Source

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About this item

  • ✅【Strong Cutting Ability】This electric drill attachment cutter nibbler boasts strong cutting ability and a faster cutting speed compared to other sheet metal cutting tools. It is specifically designed for use with handheld drills, making it a convenient and efficient addition to your toolkit. With its superior cutting power, it can easily replace ordinary scissors and knives, saving you valuable work time and improving your overall productivity.
  • ✅【Electric Drill Plate Cutter Accessories】 With its high hardness high manganese steel cutting head, this nibbler attachment can handle steel sheets (<0.01 in. thick), iron sheets (<0.02 in. thick), copper sheets (<0.03 in. thick), and aluminum sheet (<0.035 in. thick).
  • ✅【Multi-purpose Application】 The electric drill shears board cutting machine is designed to cut flat sheet metal that is less than 0.03 inches thick. However, it is not suitable for cutting sheet metal that has blended, ribbed, special-shaped, or welded shapes, or any non-metallic materials. If the tool gets stuck during operation, it should not be forced forward. Instead, the drill should be set to reverse to allow for a safe and automatic exit.
  • ✅【Points to Note】 The cutting force is influenced by the torque of the electric drill, with a greater torque resulting in a stronger cutting force. We do not recommend cutting stainless steel and special high-hardness alloy materials with this metal cutter, as doing so can damage the machine. If stainless steel must be cut, the thickness of the material should not exceed 0.01 inches. Additionally, please note that this drill is not suitable for cutting plastics.
  • ✅【Safe and Durable】This nibbler metal cutter is safe and durable, thanks to its design that eliminates contact with the saw blade or blades, preventing hand injuries. Additionally, it features a robust metal gearhead that enhances its longevity. Moreover, it is easy to fit onto the electric drill head, without requiring any specialized tools, saving you time and effort. Please note that the electric drill is not included.
  • ✅【Package Content】 The electric sheet metal cutter drill attachment toolbox contains an electric drill plate cutter (electric drill not included), a manual, an Allen wrench, a wrench, a connecting rod, and a spring for fixing. All the tools you need are included in the package.
  • ✅【After-sale guarantee】We offer a 90-day unconditional refund policy without the need for a return. You can trust us to provide reliable service no matter where you are. Jikbeed is committed to your satisfaction.
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